Jet Tucking & Logistics


Whether your goods must be moved or stored, by integrating warehousing and transportation management into one all-inclusive solution, we are able to offer a complete distribution service that fit your needs. Along with our superb value-added service capabilities, you will also get the best inventory and labor management available. Whether you have transportation needs or are looking for storage space, please contact us, and we will provide efficient and effective solutions reinforced by our knowledge and experience in the industry. 


Jet Trucking gives you access to the people, capital, and technology to get it done. We have what it takes to meet your unique warehouse needs. Our facility is conveniently located within 10 miles from the port of Los Angeles and the port of Long Beach. Contact us for your storage, inventory, or transloading needs.


Through our years of experience, we have learned the best strategies that enable us to get the most out of each outbound shipment. We can work with your suppliers to optimize inbound truck loads, saving labor costs during the consolidation and sorting process. Our thorough experience in transloading and cross-docking will help efficiently move your inventory through the supply chain.

Jet Trucking & Logistics

Benefits & Added Services

Freight consolidation/deconsolidation
Reverse logistics / returns processing
Ticketing and tagging
Sort & Seg
Quality control