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1. How do I set up an LTL account for quoting?

Call 949-377-0002 and ask for a Sales Representative or email  to request an account to be opened.

What is an LTL Shipment

An LTL shipment is one that typically weighs between 151 pounds and 19,999 pounds.

3. How do I get an LTL quote?

Complete the online quote request form or call 949-377-0002 and ask for the LTL department.

What information is need for an LTL Quote?

Origin zip code, destination zip code, freight class, weight, pallet count, and pallet dimensions.

What are freight classes?

Freight classes are used to determine pricing for your LTL shipment. Freight classes are defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA).

How is freight class determined?

Freight classes are based on density, value, packaging, and handling characteristics of the commodity.

What is a W&I  (Weight & Inspection) Report?

It is a process whereby the carrier inspects the freight characteristics of a shipment to determine that it accurately matches the description that is on the bill of lading.

What is Bill Of Landing?

A legal document between the shipper and carrier, listing and acknowledging receipt of goods for transport.

What are Transit Times?

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What is Fuel Surcharge?

Is an additional charge that is added to your freight bill to help the carrier offset the costs of fuel.

Once I have my quote, how do I schedule a pick-up?

Contact Jet Trucking & Logistic LLC  at 949-377-0002

How much lead time do I need to allow for a pick-up?

Typically carriers require a two-hour window; however if the pick-up location is in a remote area the request may need to be made the day prior to pick-up.